Ontario Government to Stabilize Rents for 1.6 Million Households

Published on August 28, 2020

Since the very beginning of COVID-19, our government has called on landlords and tenants to come together and be reasonable with each other – and landlords and tenants across the province have shown the Ontario spirit by doing just that. 

In that spirit, our government is announcing our intention to stabilize rents for Ontario’s 1.6 million rental households. 

Every year, the government sets out the maximum allowable rent increases for the year to come in rent-controlled units. Those increases are modest and tied to inflation – and for 2021 it would have been 1.5% This increase is automatically published in the Gazette. But this year is not like every year. 

That’s why the Premier has directed the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to bring forward legislation this fall to support renters across Ontario. 

The legislation would ensure that the vast majority of families do not see a rent increase next year.

We will engage tenant and landlord groups to ensure the proposed legislation is fair and balanced.

We know that families are continuing to be impacted by COVID. We know landlords have worked hard to be accommodating and have made sacrifices. And we know that by continuing to work together, we will move past this extraordinary time and increase housing – so that every Ontarian can find a home that suits their needs and their budget.